We Buy Your Home understands that there are many reasons why a quick, reliable hassle free sale may be the best option for you. We have experienced every scenario possible and we are here to work together with you to achieve your goal. Our understanding, experienced and sympathetic advisors are available to help, even if it is for some much needed advice. Please find below the scenarios we have encountered and why our fast, reliable hassle free route is the best option every time...

Sell cheap, buy cheaper

Looking to sell your property fast to buy another property? We Buy Your Home buys your current property allowing you to buy your discounted property.

Sell buy to let property

Buy to let property you need to sell quickly? Sell it to us to clear the mortgage and release the capital.

Property part exchange

Buying a new property and struggling to meet builders' timescales or worried about losing out to someone in a better position?

Care home funding

Need to sell a property to finance a care home move. Sell to us and release equity now to fund care.

Private property sale

If you're looking for a private property sale, then The Property Buying Company can help.

Found dream home

Can’t find a proceedable buyer on your property but you’ve found a new home you don’t want to lose?

Property chain break

Whether you or someone in your chain has lost their buyer, we can help re-build the chain immediately.

Financial problems

Starting to struggle with loan or mortgage repayments? Act now and take back control of your finances.

Home repossession

If you are getting into arrears and are facing repossession, we can ensure that you sell your home before it is too late.

Moving abroad

Don’t risk losing your deposit if you don’t sell your property in the UK in time – we can help you make your dream move!

Retirement property

If you’re thinking "I need to sell my property quickly to provide for my retirement," then give We Buy Your Home a call NOW.


When relationships break down your property can become the biggest stumbling block to a quick and amicable settlement – we can help!

Vacant property

Whether you’re moving in with your partner or have an unused second home, surplus properties continue to cost you money but often prove difficult to sell.


Inherited a property and need to release cash without the difficulties/delays involved in selling? Call us now!


Need to sell your property and want a secure sale to meet your requirements. Sell to us and we will take all the worry away.

Assigned sale

Do you have a sale arranged on your property but it won’t complete in the timescales you require? We can take over the sale and give you the cash now!

Release cash

Whether you need money for an onward purchase or for your business, or for any other reason, we can provide it to you.


Need to move quickly to ensure the kids get into the right school?