Hidden Costs That Add to the Budget When You Buy New Home

Dream houses take a lifetime to be bought. From putting all the paperwork in order to checking that the new home is in as good condition as you want, there are many things that as the house owner you should check. While most of us do a thorough check of the costs involved, there are still some hidden costs that you should be aware of while buying distressed property in London or anywhere else.

Registration cost: Registering land a property to your local Council is a work in itself. While setting up your account with them you need to share your new address, the date you move in, meter reading of the new property and your contact details. Not registering your property means that your title to the property is not protected buy a public register. This is itself is a paid service for which you need to keep a share in your budget.

Maintenance cost: On an average, it takes about £9500 to maintain a two-bedroom home in London. It includes utility bills, electricity, household appliances, garden maintenance, gas and insurance. So when you are buying a home in London, among other things, do check that there is no structural damage to the building as it will only add to the cost of your home.

Premium property cost: Like anywhere else, buying a property in London at a premium location has its own price. As this is a very subjective parameter that depends on a number of factors, this cost varies from building to building. If you want ground floor or a property near a public garden, be ready to sell extra for it.

Buying a property is one of those decisions that you should make only when you are aware of all the factors related to it. We, as a preferred platform that deals in buying and selling of properties / homes in UK, offer transparent services to our clients.

We can find an agent who will be interested in helping you – and we aren’t difficult to locate. You may continue at our site or check or facebook page to see the latest deals. Whatsoever you decide, we can assure you that no one else can serve you as swiftly as us. It’ll pay to have an agent like us on your side.

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