I Need To Move Quickly But My House Won’t Sell! We Can Buy Your House In London

Whatever the reason that you need to move house, it can be an even more stressful process if you can’t find a buyer for your London property. Waiting for a buyer to take an interest and to make an offer is extremely taxing, and the longer your house has been on the property market, the more worrying it all becomes. If you’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for your house to sell and nothing seems to be happening, it might be time to look for an alternative option, especially if you need to get fast cash for your house.

What Are My Options?

If the traditional estate agency route isn’t working for you, you’re probably thinking “I need someone to buy my property fast!” If you need a speedier sale or guarantees that the sale won’t fall through, you could have your property auctioned. This will limit the amount of time that the buyer can take to pay since the full payment must be made within a month of the auction date however, arranging for your property to be auctioned can be stressful and you could end up having to accept a much lower price than you wanted.

If auctioning isn’t for you, you might want to consider renting out your home in the short term while waiting for a buyer. While you may be able to find tenants quickly, you have no guarantees that they will be reliable payers or that they won’t damage your home. Also, you will need to pay taxes on profits made from rental income. Add to that the hassle of managing the property and the expense of keeping it in a good state of repair and you might not like that idea too much either.

We Buy Your Home represents the ideal alternative. We buy houses fast for cash in London so you can move quickly.

Our Home Buying Service

If you need a rapid housing equity release so that you can move quickly, We Buy Your Home can represent the ideal solution to your home moving problems. Whether you are relocating because of a new job, whether you are moving in with a partner or whether you need to sell quickly to release the money that’s tied up in your home to meet essential payments, we can give you a fast cash offer for your London home.

We are a team of private home buyers who are experts in the London property market and we can help homeowners who have been struggling to sell their home on the open market. We can give you a cash offer for your London home within just 48 hours of making contact with our friendly and helpful team, and we can complete your sale within just 28 days. Since we can even pay your legal fees and help you with removals, it couldn’t be easier to move house. Let We Buy Your Home be your fast and efficient alternative to a traditional estate agent and move on to your new life.

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