If I Sell My Home For Cash In Sheffield Is It Better Than Using An Estate Agent?

Whether selling or buying a home, sometimes it seems that getting into a property chain is the only way forward. However, being part of a chain can be extremely frustrating, especially if buyers won’t commit, mortgages are declined and completion dates are delayed time and again. While you could always sell your property yourself, that path too is complicated and time consuming, and finding a cash buyer can be virtually impossible. However, the good news is that there is a way to get fast cash for your house in Sheffield.

What Is The Property Chain?

The property chain represents the most traditional route of selling and buying property in the UK. When you sell your existing property you use the money you’ve gained to put down the deposit on your chosen property to move to. The chain can be a very long line of sellers and buyers who are all depending on each other for the completion of their own property sale. With all of the mortgage providers, surveyors and estate agents added into the equation and there are vast numbers of people involved in every property transfer. Of course, this leaves room for lots of uncertainty, lots of potential for sales to fall through and, above all, lots of potential delays. It’s no wonder, then, that more people are asking “how do I sell my home for cash?”

The Benefits Of A Cash Buyer

Although a property chain makes sellers and buyers entirely reliant on each other for every step of the transfer process to be successful, selling your home for cash takes you out of the property chain completely. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of completing your sale more quickly which is ideal if you need to make a quick move or need money in a rush. Even better, there’s no need to use an estate agent which cuts down on the amount of fees you need to pay. The only problem that you might face is finding that cash buyer in the first place.

How We Can Help

Here at We Buy Your Home we buy houses fast for cash, so you can sell your home and get your hands on the money within just 28 days. Even better, you won’t be trapped in a long property chain with all the stress and delays that this would entail. We offer a cheaper, more convenient and faster way of getting a housing equity withdrawal so you can save time, effort and money. We can help you to arrange your removal and we can even pay your legal costs, and as there are no hidden fees or charges, you can rest assured that your property sale is in excellent hands. Your dedicated account manager will guide you through each step of the way, and our helpful and knowledgeable team of Sheffield property experts are here to give you all the advice you need, so contact us today and arrange your valuation.

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